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Budva, Montenegro

Excursions in Montenegro

Hiking tour in River Crnojevic


Hidden places
Nature pure
Organic products from local household

The national park Skadar lake is great place for nature lovers. There are a lot of interesting hiking trails leading through old forgotten villages, passing some beautiful natural waterfalls, natural basins where you can swim and dive in. After walking we have a meal in domestic household offering organic food from its own garden, fruit, wine and honey.

We have organized transport from Budva to Rijeka Crnojevića, once the ancient trade route of Montenegro, today a small sleepy place on the river banks. This is the start point as well as finish for our hiking. On our rout we pass the old caravan trails leading through first settlement Riječki grad, positioned on the hill with splendid views all around.

We walk all the way to the Obod cave, where the first printing device in 15th c. was hidden at the escape by the Turks. The untouched nature gives you a feeling as walking through hidden paradise, with small basins and waterfalls where you can jump in and dive.

The walking path leads as back to Rijeka Crnojevica settlement, and afterwards to lunch in local household containing of purely organic products: potatoes, sausages, white cheese, olives, season salad, honey, home made bread. You have also the chance to taste owners red wine and brandy. The house has large wine yard and orchard.

We are in Budva in the late afternoon.

Groups up to 15 people.
Level: easy
Bring along: good walking shoes, hats, sun crèmes, swimming suites and beach towel.


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