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Hiking tour – Ladder of Kotor



The Bay of Kotor is the most beautiful Bay at the Adria coast. The high surrounding hills provide the fantastic dark blue color of the water. We do the famous tour Ladder of Kotor, starting from Krstac on altitude of 940m directly to the old town Kotor, with lot of zig Hiking tour – Ladder of Kotor -zag turns.

We take an easy and nice ride up the hill to Krstac, that once was the border between Austria-Hungary and Montenegro, on 25th serpentine. From up there we start descending the hill having the wonderful sea views in front of us.

We walk the old horse trail, which was used as supply path in 18th and 19th century. The path that only the donkeys and skilled Montenegrins could climb. There was a Montenegrin market outside the city walls where the Montenegrin women sold the products from central part of Montenegro and bought the product brought on the ships from all over the world.

The come to the San Giovanni fortress, built by the Venetians in 15th century which makes the northern city border. From there we descend the zig-zag stairs all the way to the old town.

The whole hiking is provides fantastic sea vies. The beautiful old town Kotor and the Bay are getting closer with each step we make. There are beautiful stories from the town history to be told.

After cca 4 hours easy walk, we are in the old town.

The guests have break in the old town, to have some refreshment on one of the pleasant town squares.

Level: easy
Bring along: good walking shoes, hats, sun cream and water.

We have organized transfer back to Budva.


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