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Canyoning - Nevidio canyon



The Nevidio canyon is located in the central region of Montenegro between the mountains Durmitor and Vojnik. It is known also as the last discovered canyon in Europe. The name itself Nevidio or Neviđbog (Not seen by Good) speaks of its mystery, as the sky isn’t visible from some parts of the canyon.

First contact with the canyon will blend you with its indescribable beauty, unusual and odd for people. Sunlight cannot reach the bottom because of the steep cliffs. On these sheer and hardly reachable rocks the conditions for vegetation are harsh, so one can say that the canyon is a pearl of the cruel nature,

Today the Nevidio canyon finds its place in the tourist prospects as unique tourist attraction. The fantastic beauty of the narrow passages, cascades and sparkling waterfalls is a good reason to visit this pearl of Montenegro. Although it does not require any special physical capability, the passage through the Canyon is not advised without the assistance of a guide and special equipment. All participants must be in good health condition and good swimmers. 

Most of the tourists describe passing the canyon as one of the most beautiful and most important adventures of their lives.

General information of the canyon:
Length 1700 m, width from 0,5-150m; hight 350-400m; depth 0,5-25m

Level: middle
Certain physical capability required
Duration: 3-4 h
Participants: minimal age - 14/15 years

Canyoning is not canoeing or rafting!!! In canyoning we don’t use boats, we walk down the rivers, jump from some places, slide some toboggans, and rappel down with the rope (abseiling) on some vertical cliffs under or nearby waterfalls. Although it is an extreme activity the canyoning requires no  

The excursion is performed only with licensed guides.

We start from Budva early in the morning by organized transport to the North of Montenegro, Šavnik. We walk 5 minutes to the entrance of the canyon. After 45 minutes starts the narrow part with the first jump, 4 meters. During more than 2 hours we will jump and walk through this special world, hidden deep underground. There is around 12-15 jumps from 2-3 meters to 7-8 meters high. All jumps can be avoided. The river doesn't dries out during the summer.

Lunch –in a restaurant in natural environment close to the canyon – traditional Montenegrin dishes kačamak or cicvara (vegetarian dish) or grilled meet. 
After lunch is return to Budva with arrival around 7 pm.

In price included:
-transport from Budva to Šavnik and back
-guided passing through the canyon 
-required equipment and helmets 

Price are quoted in €  per person for minimum 5 persons 
*For less then 5 people price is on request 



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